life transitions


You don’t need to come to us with the answer, just the willingness to be open to talk it through. We will help you step into being the expert of your life and chop away at the beliefs that are holding you back.


No matter what worries are keeping you up at night right now, we will give you the space and confidence to say I don’t know...for right now. Accepting that you don’t know yet actually opens up the space for creativity and authenticity you need to move forward.

Creating change in your life (or even admitting that a change is needed) can feel daunting. Together we can help you break down that big picture into digestible pieces that you can manage.I know you really want to figure it out. You just need to start asking yourself the right questions.

How many times have you thought, “I should be happy, and I’m not.”

……….Or maybe I should ask how many times have you thought about that this week? Too many women are living their lives on autopilot.

  • You’ve been in your career for five years and it’s turned from your Dream Job to making you feel like a soulless robot.

  • You have no idea what you want to major in...and you’re supposed to decide next semester.

  • You realize what your true passion is, and now you need to take a WHOLE new path...but you’re terrified.


Instead of continuing to ask yourself……

“What am I doing with my life?”
“Can I really do this boring thing forever?”
“Is this ever going to get any better?”


Ask yourself……

What makes my heart feel full?
What would deplete me and what would charge me up in work and life?
What are my purest values and priorities?

Once you start asking more impactful questions, you get much better answers. Answers that light up the path you’re meant to be taking.


Are you willing to let us help you shift your story so that you can guide yourself to your best life?
Let’s hop on a quick call and chat about how to start designing your empowered self!