Close your eyes for a minute and answer this question: what do you usually say to yourself when you look in the mirror? If you were to stand there and really look at yourself for a full minute.

When our clients first come to us they say things like:  “I’m not good enough or pretty enough, so don’t even bother. No one really cares.” Or... “this is as good as it’s gonna get.”


The thing is, this kind of negative self-talk doesn’t stop at your looks, does it? Too often, it’s part of a bigger story...

“I’m the friend no one wants to hang out with.”
“I’m way too afraid to ask for a raise.”
“I’m uncomfortable to even have a need, let alone ask for someone to help.”
“I’m afraid to be seen and willing to hide behind anything.”
“I’m not deserving of feeling better in relationships/family/career.”

All this negative self-talk creates unhealthy thought patterns which inevitably influence how we behave. For example, if you tell yourself (and believe) that no one wants to hang out with you, and you go out to brunch with a group of girlfriends, you’re likely to choose the seat away from everyone else in order to match that belief. This is often all subconscious, and we do it without even realizing it. But then that behavior confirms your negative belief. And the cycle continues.

Instead, you can decide what you want your truth to be, and create a new (much better!) pattern.


Sound familiar?

We can help you move past the negative self-talk in your life, and create new, better habits.

Together, we will empower you to acknowledge your history, patterns, and what’s happening currently in your life. We will help you assess your beliefs about yourself and your self-talk habits so that we can shift how you talk to yourself.

When you shift how you talk to yourself, what you believe about yourself transforms. And once you believe it - everything changes!

Ready to take some risks?
Ready for the encouragement you need to create a life you’ve always dreamed of?