dating + relationships

We hear it all the time...

“I’ve been with my partner for a few years, but something doesn’t feel totally right.”
“I’m too afraid of going on dating apps for fear of rejection.”
“My standards for dating have been pretty low my whole life.”
“Someone has told me (on more than one occasion) that my expectations are too high - and I believed them.”
“I’m afraid to ask for what I want either because I assume I won’t get it or because I don’t want to come off as needy.”

Many people can identify with more than one of these options. It’s not uncommon. In fact, many individuals have been dealing with the same things for generations. But that doesn’t mean we have to keep living it.


We can help you get clarity around what you really want in a relationship, empower you to know you’re worth it, and help you take action in getting it!

The key here is really getting clear on how you want the relationship in your life to feel. You may have been too focused on what it looks like and then have been left feeling exhausted and empty.

We see it all the time - it’s just that no one openly talks about it. Here at Manhattan Wellness, we give you space to openly talk - without judgment - so you can bust through those blocks and get you where you want to be in your love life.


What Can I expect?

Together we will empower you to:

  • Know how you want to show up in a relationship

  • What you really want in a partner (not just what you think it should look like)

  • What attributes you bring to the table (and I already know it’s freakin’ amazing!)

  • Know your worth and how to ask for what you want

You are not your past.

You can move forward using your past experiences to design your best future. You’re not as stuck as you think you are.

You just need a nudge in the direction of your truth.