Women In Wellness: Featuring Rachel Paul, The College Nutritionist


Rachel Paul is the founder of ‘The College Nutritionist’ and is a Registered Dietitian and PhD. She’s passionate about helping making healthy eating super easy, affordable, and tasty.

Jennifer: What are you currently doing and how did you get into this field?
I run a meal plan and weight management program. I help young women make the healthy choice the easy choice, as well as manage social and stressful situations surrounding food.

J: How do you balance a busy career as well as healthy personal life?
You 100% have to make time for it yourself. No one is going to make the time for you, and it can become easy to let it slide to answer to others' demands. Carve out time for yourself in your calendar every day.

J: At the beginning of the day, how do you prepare for a good day and at night, how do you wind down before bed?
Going to the "spiritual gym" is really important to me - primarily reading self-help books about the power of positive thought. I listen to audiobooks when I'm getting ready for the day, and when I'm preparing dinner at night.

J: In such a busy and fast-paced city, how do you find time for yourself during the day?
I like to take breaks during the work day - I shower and exercise during the day to give myself a mental break from work, so that I can come back very focused for another few hours.

J: Any tips to avoid burnout?
Schedule self-care into your calendar - and don't make exceptions if someone tries to encroach on your time! Whether it's going to the gym, meal prepping, grocery shopping, etc.

J: What are three things you could not live without?
1) Trader Joe's Cauliflower Crust Pizza, 2) My self-help audiobooks, and 3) My family and friends.

J: What book/podcast are you currently reading/listening to?
Lucky Bitch! is my audiobook on repeat right now

J: What is the best advice you've been given?
"What you focus on you create more of" by Jen Sincero

If you’d like to get in touch with Rachel to see how she can support your needs free to email her at rachel@nutritionbyrachel.com

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