Daytime and evening sessions are available to accommodate both full-time and freelance schedules. For your convenience we also offer phone & Skype sessions.

We will work together in efficient and effective 45-minute sessions. We highly recommend meeting weekly for the most efficient results.

Our practice understands that insurance can be a large consideration for many of our clients. Because of this we aim to make the process as seamless as possible.

Like most private practice's, Manhattan Wellness Associates, accepts all insurance plans as an out-of-network provider.

We submit your receipts and needed medical information to your insurance company in order to make your reimbursement process simpler. In our experience, most clients with out of network benefits receive between 50% - 80% of the cost of their sessions, after the deductible is met.

Manhattan Wellness is a boutique psychotherapy practice located in the heart of flatiron.

We collaborate with our clients, knowing they are the experts of their own experience and with the knowledge that our role is to assist them in growing their understanding and awareness of their experiences. 

We believe in the power of the human connection and the ability to nurture one another. Entering the therapeutic relationship infused with empathy and understanding enables our clients to grow through their experiences and expand into the person they'd always hoped to become.

We would be honored to work alongside you.