Our lives seem to be getting busier with each day and we know that, for many reasons, it can be difficult to make it into the office on a weekly basis. Teletherapy, phone sessions, is a great way to remain engaged with your therapist when you cannot be physically present in the office. It reduces missed sessions and increases progress within your work.


Do you find it difficult to commit to therapy knowing that you're going away to college soon?

Would you prefer the privacy of meeting with someone from the comfort of your dorm instead of going to the health center on campus?

Many college students find continued treatment difficult when their location during the school year differs from their summers or school vacation locations.


Are you finding it difficult to connect with a therapist in your local area?

Do you intend to move to NYC soon and want a support system ready and waiting upon your arrival?


Do you find it difficult to commit to an in person meeting due to the time of commuting?

Is your availability ever changing due to meetings, conferences and travel?

We have found that many individuals who are required to travel for their work have large gaps in their treatment - having a therapist who is flexible and understanding with your travel schedule enables clients to reduce missed treatment sessions and increases the ability to achieve their individuals goals in a shorter time frame.


Do you find it difficult to commit to a weekly in person sessoin?

Many of our therapists see their clients both in-person and do phone sessions. They often start by only meeting with the client in their office but then move to a hybrid approach that makes therapy more convenient and flexible.

 Let us help you find the time for therapy

Manhattan Wellness Associates makes every effort to accommodate our clients schedules - let's compare calendars and see what we can make work