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Manhattan Wellness Associates is a boutique psychotherapy practice committed to collaborating with our clients. Our clients know that they are the experts of their own experience. We empower them with the knowledge that our role is to assist them in growing their understanding and awareness of their experiences.

We have found therapy to be most effective when founded on understanding, collaboration and motivation. We pride ourselves on fostering a supportive environment where our clients feel inspired to make powerful strides towards a more fulfilled self. We take the time to fully understand our client’s experiences, challenges and motivations in order to create techniques tailored to the individual. We believe in the power of authenticity and employ a direct, humanistic, solution-focused approach.

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We believe that if you’re willing to challenge your current way of life anything is possible – We look forward to the journey, progress, and reward that lay ahead.


Self Esteem

Do you constantly fill your day with tasks and distractions to avoid being alone with your thoughts? 
Are you hyper critical of yourself and rarely find satisfaction with your achievements? 
Are you concerned that your lack of confidence hold you back from living the life you've always imagined?

Dating & Relationships

Does the idea of starting to date again feel exhausting? 
Are you in a relationship and unsure they're the one? 
Do you find yourself selecting the wrong partner and are unsure what type of partner would be a good fit? 
Are you engaged or married and have a few challenges in your relationship you'd like to overcome?

Life Transitions

Did you imagine your life would be different at this age?
Are you newly single and trying to get used to your new life? 
Do you like you’re avoiding making changes due to fear? 
Are you dealing with a new job that is not exactly what you imagined?

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